Tips for Terrific Tailgating Parties

Have you and your buddies decided to throw a tailgating party at the races or to cheer on your favorite team?  From white linen to red solo cups, the options for tailgating parties are only limited by your imagination.  Take these suggestions from the professional party planners and your next tailgating party is sure to be the best ever!

If you’re a small group and pressed for time, consider taking advantage to the great deals offered by Groupon coupons and order up lunch from the terrific options available through Hello Fresh.  With all the ingredients and recipes delivered to your front door, preparing a meal is a snap.  Pack in temperature controlled containers; add a bottle of water and a bottle of wine and you’re set to enjoy a fun afternoon.

For larger, more casual groups, pack a small grill and enjoy your favorite meats and vegetables hot off the coals. Pack plenty of ice and cups as well as trash bags if you’ve elected to use paper products.  If beer and wine are served, be sure to select a designated driver prior to consumption; better safe than sorry! Folding tables and folding chairs are perfect for tailgates. Set up the food buffet in the trunk of your car and on a buffet table for easy access. Consider freezing several plastic bottles of water several days prior to the event to serve as oversized ice packs to keep your perishables fresh. Enlist the help of your fellow revelers to contribute snacks, appetizers and side dishes to go along with the feast on the grill. If you’re setting up early, have a bouquet of balloons to alert your friends of your location. Pick team colors for extra fun.

A welcome addition to any tail gate, especially on warm summer afternoons, is an easy to erect canopy. Your friends and family will certainly appreciate the opportunity to sit in the shade as they prepare to cheer for their favorite team. Have a grand time enjoying your buddies, your team and making memories that will last for years to come!