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Car Brakes Too In, Check the Problem

Car Brakes Too In, Check the Problem

Brake problems too deep, is also the beginning of the symptoms of brake blong. This blong brake happens because when you know if your car brake is deeper than usual, you do not immediately make repairs. Thus, the longer the brakes will get worse.

Cause Brakes Too deep

Thin brake lining

You definitely agree that the new brake pad has a greater thickness than the brake pads that have been used for 3 months. This is because when we braked, there was friction between brake lining and brake disks that scraped the surface of the brake lining gradually. So in about 1 year, brake lining can decrease its thickness.

The connection is on the movement of the piston on the brake caliper, if the brake pad is thick then the piston moves just a little brake lining already pressing the dish. However, if the thickness of the brake lining is thin, it is necessary to move the piston further so it needs to also emphasis the brake deeper. How to fix check thickness of the campas or can visit the Auto Window Tint in Fort Lauderdale Florida, if a thin segerak replace and if it is still thick.

There is air in the brake hydraulic system.

The weakness of the hydraulic brakes is the wind, if this wind goes into the hydraulic channel the brake will certainly ngempos. Because the air is compressed, so the pressure from the brake pedal will only compress the air inside the channel. As a result or can visit Car Window Tint in Fort Lauderdale Florida, the pressure does not reach the brake actuator. This condition can cause brake blong when the amount of air coming into the hydraulic channel is quite a lot.