AMS Group China, Engineering, Prototyping, Moulds Assembly

A AMS Group is one particular of the quite few successful European owned producers in China who is generating innovative items & devices. AMS is likely to coordinate the course of action from development towards series production. AMS can as a result be known as a ‘true accelerator’ for hardware tech startups who want to organise their ventures professionally in respect to improvement towards series production upscaling. Launched in February 2015, Baggallini saw a return on investment of over 5x with their Amazon Marketing Services marketing system.

AMS evaluates & assesses, collectively with the Hardware Tech startup, whether the enterprise case, solution proposition and technology claim are interesting and promising. AMS will take care for protoypes, moulds, element procurement and final assembly. International distribution, directly from AMS’ China plant, can be coordinated by AMS and will be executed by specialized partners.

AMS Group has three main locations it’s R&D lab, engineering for manufacturing, project management & headoffice are located in Amsterdam (Neterlands), in Barcelona (Spain) a representative office is situated to facilitate the Spanish growing client base with project management & engineering, while procurement, good quality management & assembly activities are concentrated in Foshan (China).

And mainly because AMS gets so numerous moulds & tools created, this tool making service & knowledge is also presented to European plastic injection moulding organizations. AMS is their partner from initial development stage towards upscaling of series production in China. By clicking the blue buttons you can understand far more on how AMS operates, for whom AMS operates and how AMS thinks. Throughout these phases manufacturability, expense pricing and timing are continuously monitored by AMS.

AMS does not only act as a contract manufacturer for global industrial leaders as ABB, Bravilor, MaxiCosi, Dorel & Pipelife, but for certain also likes to get challenged and involved in ambitious hardware tech startups. To accelerate the development cycle, AMS will engage specialized partners for industrial style, user interface & interaction design and style, electronics and packaging improvement. In this open discussion both the Hardware Tech startup and AMS conclude whether a mutually successfull cooperation is achievable and how this can be taken to the subsequent level.